HD Brow training / by Francesca Neill

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I LOVE HD BROWS!!!!!!! So i have just completed my 2 day training course for HD Brows. It was fabulous and has completely changed the way i look at brows. I am now even more brow obsessed than i was before and i cant wait to start doing this treatment on my clients. It is going to make my job as a make up artist so much easier, as having a perfectly shaped brow dramatically enhances the features and gives structure to the face! HD Brows really is brow artistry. Its such a high precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape. I have a long list of clients that cant wait to have this treatment done, so i am so grateful to Nilam and her team for introducing me to HD Brows and for the fantastic training. I feel this is a skill that is really going to benefit me as a make up artist.